Spacial Intelligence Puzzle


Adults take 1.5 hours to solve this puzzle. Can your child solve it faster?
One of the best physical IQ puzzle for your child. It looks simple, but is it? Give your child a challenge today.
The goal of this puzzle is to fit all 5 pieces into the tray provided. It develops skills and increase skills: creativity, coordination, expertise, motor skills and laterality, because they force the brain to work with both hemispheres.

Can you fit it? Buy Now and Try!

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BWgrow is launching a series of 3D Puzzles that greatly enhance your child’s Spatial Intelligence!⁠
Spatial intelligence is the ability to imagine or visualize in one’s mind the positions of objects, their shapes and their spatial relations to one another.⁠
Spatial skills are crucial in many academic and professional fields, such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).⁠
These puzzles are also a great way to improve your child’s focus, resilience and imagination.⁠
Buy your 3D puzzle today!⁠

  1. Zeenia

    Very good game

  2. Zeenia shafi

    The puzzle is great!

  3. Akshat

    Really Loved the Puzzle. It looks so simple but is super challenging. My son completed it in 3-4 hours. But i’m glad he did. Thanks Brainweave IQC

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